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East Cropped & Lightened


If you live in, or spend time in;

Newmarket, Windsor, Wilston, Herston

and surrounding Suburbs, you will likely be affected by this plan.  

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  • If you travel through, use any of the green spaces or live within the suburbs of Herston, Wilston, Newmarket or Windsor – you will be negatively affected by the changes proposed by Brisbane City Council

  • This amazing space is the last remaining community open green space between Grange and the City.  Once these quiet green spaces and mature trees go, so will the wildlife- they will never be replaced


  • If you enjoy walking through current parkland, walking your dog, riding your bike, throwing a ball with your friends or kids – you will be affected as BCC plans to remove green spaces and replace with fencing and bitumen car parks


  • If you appreciate the large established trees in the suburbs and the birds and wildlife that inhabit these – all will be affected as the trees will be removed and replaced with bitumen car parks


  • * If you play sport, or know someone who plays sport at the Heritage listed Women’s only sport Reserve Downey Park or Newmarket– big changes are planned; especially affecting Girls and Women’s Sport.

* Without consultation BCC plans the following changes -

  1. Brisbane Softball Association will be moved from Downey Park to Finsbury Park with playing areas reduced from 16 diamonds to 3.  Grass playing fields will be replaced with synthetic – more flooding to currently flood prone areas, surrounds will be fenced, lighting and grandstands will be added. 

  2. Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association will have a reduction in playing fields from 13 to 7 (excluding Rasey Park usage) and will share space with Gold Crest Cricket (men’s cricket) playing the same season

  3. Downey Park Netball Association will lose playing courts decreasing from  37 to 30, all grass courts will be removed and replaced with hard surfacing

  4. Windsor Royals Baseball will be moved from Holloway Field to Finsbury Park to share space with Brisbane Softball - impossible as both sports use different sized fields, also requiring fencing lighting and grandstands 

  5. Brisbane City Soccer Club will get more fields, (removing Windsor Royals Baseball from their current location) more lighting, grandstands, artificial turf which will affect the current flood zones, excess traffic and noise. 

  6. Brisbane Touch Football will lose their largest playing area in Brisbane as Finsbury Park will then be a fenced Softball and Baseball zone. 

  7. Community Tennis Court in Market Street will be removed and not replaced. 

  8. Gold Crest Cricket to be moved to Downey Park sharing space with Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association and playing in the same season. Their current Heritage listed club house to be removed 

  9. Commercial Hockey Club to be re-located to Rasey Park. Less fields , shared space with BWHA

  • If you commute along and around Newmarket Road, expect more traffic delays due to new carparks, introduction of larger sports to smaller playing areas and narrower suburban streets not designed to carry large volumes of traffic. 


  • If you enjoy the last quiet suburbs before the CBD of Brisbane – you will be affected as these areas will change to increased on-street parking - resulting in ‘residents only parking permits required’, parking fines and high volumes of traffic on the roads and currently quiet streets.    


Windsor, Wilston, Grange, Newmarket, Herston, Kelvin Grove and Surrounds - Brisbane, QLD

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