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How do the Different Levels of Government Work?

Why are there so many people to contact? What do each of them do?

Australia has three levels of government that work together to provide us with the services we need. We need to appeal to all three levels in different ways.

The three levels are:​

  • Local Council — possibly the most important on the list, the Brisbane City Council Wards have different boundaries to your electorate, and this area is in the Enoggera Catchment. 

  • State Parliament — The area that this project affects spreads over two main districts. There is information on figuring out which one and getting in contact with the right person below.

  • Federal Parliament— Our representative for the Brisbane Ward is Hon. Trevor Evans. Click 'Federal Government' below to see how you can get in touch with him.


We will need to talk to as many of these people as possible in as many ways as possible! Remember - Stay civil, be consistent in your message, and always STRONGLY DISAGREE!


There are many ways to contact Brisbane City Council (BCC) about your thoughts and feelings regarding this draft plan. Click below for more info, and remember; the more ways we try and  get our voices heard, the more power we have!


Depending on where you live, you will have a different representative to contact. Click below for more information on how to figure out which Electorate you belong to. We need to be careful getting in contact with the State Government at this stage because of their involvement in Unions/Nursing & Healthcare.


This is not just a Locally funded program. Make sure you contact our Federal Government too; Specifically, the Local Member for the House of Representatives, Trevor Evans.

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