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Enoggera Creek Sports and Recreation Precinct: Residents Push Back Against Plans

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2:00 pm

Sunday, 18 April 2021


Sandra Eaton

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Online Publication

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Wilston Grange News


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Northside residents are pushing back against the planned Enoggera Creek Sports and Recreation Precinct redevelopment. Based on the draft plan, a large section of public parks will be turned into parking spaces for the hundreds of players and families that use the facilities every week.


Radical changes will be underway if the Enoggera Creek Sports and Recreation Precinct redevelopment plans will proceed. Aside from removing green areas to accommodate parking spaces, Brisbane City Council also plans to:

~ Transfer Brisbane Softball Association from Downey Park to Finsbury Park, reducing their diamonds to three.
~ Transfer Windsor Royals Baseball from Holloway Field to Finsbury Park, to share with Brisbane Softball Association. However, both leagues have playing field requirements.
~ Reduce Brisbane Touch Football’s playing area at Finsbury park to accommodate the softball and baseball leagues.
~ Fencing Finsbury Park to separate the different playing fields.
~ Transfer Gold Crest Cricket to Downey Park to share with Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association.
~ Reduce Brisbane Women’s Hockey Association’s playing fields to seven.
~ Reduce Downey Park Netball Association’s playing fields to 30.
~ Transfer Hockey Club to Rasey Park.
~ Add Brisbane City Soccer Club’s fields as it will make use of the site formerly for the Windsor Royals Baseball.
~ Install artificial or synthetic grass on the playing fields.
~ Remove the tennis court in Market Street without any replacement.

A group of concerned locals has set up an actions checklist in opposing the proposal, especially as the proposal has not been backed by studies or research to justify the major changes.

Some residents said that they are not opposing the upgrades but the number of changes has been surprising. They also question the need for additional parking spaces when the plan includes the construction of a multi-level carpark on Green Terrace, which will be enough for 600 cars at a time.

Following the uproar, the Council has extended the consultation period to Friday 30 April. The online survey form has also increased the allowable text so residents could properly have their say.

Residents may also attend the in-person consultation with Councillor Andrew Wines at his office on Samford Road in Alderly on 22, 24 and 29 April 2021. Appointments are encouraged. Please phone or email Mr Wines’ office at 07 3407 2510 or

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