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Jimmy Sullivan MP - Member for Stafford - Residents Meeting regarding the ECSRP Plan

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3:46 am

Sunday, 18 April 2021


Jimmy Sullivan

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Facebook Post

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Jimmy Sullivan, MP


Council, Politics, ALP, Jimmy Sullivan, Residents

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On the 18th of April, 2021, Jimmy Sullivan set up a mobile office and travelled to Finsbury Park to meet with concerned residents and constituents about the proposed plan.


Thank you to the many residents who joined me at a mobile office this morning and expressed their views, opinions and proposals on the Brisbane City Council’s Enoggera Creek Sport and Recreation Precinct Plan.
The council’s proposed plan will have a long lasting effect on residents and sporting clubs in the area and it’s fundamental that all stakeholders in our community have their voices heard, and more importantly that council listens to us.
The job of an elected representative is to show up and talk to residents. That’s why I’ll be back next weekend to join locals in expressing their views.
Together, we will fight to ensure that our voices are heard.

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