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Community Rally Planned - Residents’ protest plans to swap green spaces for concrete jungle

Everyone is invited to attend the community rally at the parklands at 70 Murray St, Wilston on Saturday 24 April at 10am to voice anger over Brisbane City Council plans to turn precious local green spaces into bleak parking lots.

The Enoggera Creek Sport and Recreation Precinct Draft Plan, released by the council in March, has outraged residents who hope to meet with Councillor Andrew Wines (Enoggera Ward) on Saturday to air their objections and scrap the plan.

Affected locals across five suburbs Wilston, Windsor, Newmarket, Herston and Kelvin Grove believe the inadequate consultation process will have dire consequences for their suburbs and have invited local politicians and sporting groups to attend the public rally.

Prominent local doctor, Dr Cedric Chu who will chair the rally, said: “Not only did the Brisbane City Council provide a short, disingenuous consultation process over the Easter holidays, but the plan turns much of our beautiful green spaces into carparking or sporting grounds that lock out the public.”

“While we acknowledge there needs to be parking solutions in the area, the environment and residents’ home lives should not be sacrificed to accommodate it.”

“Residents are not opposed to improvements across the Enoggera Creek Sports and Recreation Precinct, however there must be proper consultation with all stakeholders including residents,”

“We are concerned this tick and flick attitude to development will have a lasting negative impact on the northern suburbs of Brisbane, its people and wildlife. Once we lose this precious green space in inner city Brisbane, we will never get it back.”

“We are calling for local politicians and town planners to initiate a public forum to help kick off a more comprehensive consultation process with residents.

Key concerns include:

  • Replacement of natural green spaces with car parking and synthetic fields (with increased flooding risk and reflected heat issues).

  • Environmental impacts on wildlife (especially along the creek).

  • Changing multi-use green space with recreational appeal for all park visitors into single-use venues that will need to be fenced-off and only benefit specific sports teams.

  • Increased traffic to residentially zoned areas which are already stretched to capacity.

  • Increased parking which is likely to be used by Royal Brisbane Hospital staff to the detriment of the residents.

  • Increased light and noise pollution to residential areas.

  • Disingenuous and inadequate consultation process appears to have ignored proper due processes, environmental concerns and planning requirements.

  • Concerns from sporting groups who will be displaced without proper consultation.

Bring your friends, signs, placards, banners and voices to be heard!

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